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So excited to find one more player to play the game with me. However, if I dowload the game, how can I play multiplayer mode. I think just playing online may allow to do so.  I learn this after enjoy io games on FREEGAMES66.

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Sorry, Fallen Knights doesn't have an online multiplayer mode. If you know someone who wants to play with you online, you can use Parsec, it's a free software, it allows you to play online with friends even if the game doesn't have an online multiplayer. 

I hope my answer helps you, and thanks for your comment !

Magnifique jeu
Un gameplay de tt beauté
Rarement vu mieux

Woaouh ! Vraiment ? ça me touche, merci !

Pretty neat multiplayer game! The graphics have a great amount of detail and there's a good number of different weapons to choose from too. The game itself plays well too.

We'd very much like to see your game in this year's Game Development World Championship!

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I really thank you for your feedbacks and your compliments. :3

The GDWC is interesting, i will follow this event with interest, thank you for the info.

Thank you for your interest!