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Some strange powers which would be a great pity not to take advantage of it.

Learn how use telekinetic powers to face your opponents and crush them. A retro-style game, based on classics bomberman and pengu

Battle mode : Protect your body and use your powers to kill your ennemies.

- Battle your friends or an AI (With joypads or keyboard), customize your character (gender, color, additionnal powers)

- Choose between 9 battle maps, which have differents items to possess, and customize the rules (souls, overtime, revenge)

Story mode :  Unavailable.


Des pouvoirs étranges qui seraient dommage de ne pas exploiter...

Apprends à utiliser tes nouveaux pouvoirs pour combattre tes adversaires et les écraser. Un jeu au style retro, se basant sur des classiques comme bomberman ou pengu.

Battle mode : Protégez votre corps pendant que l'esprit tue vos ennemis.

- Combattez vos amis ou des IA, customisez vos personnages (Genre, couleur, pouvoirs additionnels.) 

- Choisissez entre 9 maps, possédant leurs propres objets à posséder, et personnalisez les règles de votre partie (Esprits, prolongations, vengeance.)

Story mode : Indisponible, travail en pause.

Settings : 

Gamepads are automatically detected. To change keyboard controls, go windowed and do Ctrl + Y.

Music credits :

"Retro Future Nights", by Technoaxe's Royalty free music

"Say something", by No Copyright Music Patrizio Mingarelli (Modified) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdbs...

Trailer Music Credits: "Flight To The Future" By Megahit.  More informations in the video description.


EKTO - 1.0.0.exe 80 MB

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